Teresa Freixes, a professor of Constitutional Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has presented a report to the Subcommittee on the Social and Political Pact for Education in the Spanish Congress of the Deputies arguing the need for an educational model that ends with the current 17, one for each Autonomous Community, and warning of the falsification of history and the promotion of independence of the Catalan model.

“We need education to be the backbone of citizenship in the global era, that the contents be comparable, that the results be evaluated at the Spanish level to ensure that equality of rights among all Spaniards is real and effective. Other European states, some decentralized, such as Germany, where it has had to intervene so that the quality of education is guaranteed equally across the territory. Autonomy, federalism, are not at odds with equal quality for all”, has defended Freixes.