Portada libro "Els mestres de la sospita"Francesc Torralba, full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), presented on September 25, in the framework of a round table held at the Athenaeum of Barcelona, the second revised edition of his book “Els Mestres de la sospita, Marx, Nietsche, Freud” (The teachers of suspicion) (Fragmenta), which arrived at bookstores a few months ago.

In addition to the author, Norbert Bilbeny, professor of Ethics at the University of Barcelona, ​​and Eloy Fernández Porta, professor at Pompeu Fabra University, participated in the event. The colloquium, held 11 years after the first edition of the work (in 2012 a version in Spanish was released), aroused great interest and the audience completed the capacity of the Oriol Bohigas room at the Athenaeum.

In its first edition, the work contains counterpoints of the own Norbert Bilbeny, Andrés Sánchez Pascual and Francisco Fernández Buey, father of Eloy Fernández Porta, to whom the act served as a tribute. The session also commemorated the second centenary of the birth of Karl Marx. Jordi Jiménez Guirao, speaker of the Philosophy section of the Athenaeum of Barcelona, presented the colloquium.

“Marx, Nietzsche and Freud purify the image of God and the religious experience, they unwittingly help us to practice this suspicion regarding our own beliefs and to empty our minds of these anthropomorphic deities that we tend to forge”, says the author.