Revista Catalunya CristianaMercè Papiol, widow of the full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) Joan Olivé, disappeared in 2017, invites academicians and friends of the institution to participate in the dissemination of the edition of the number 2,000 of the Catalunya Cristiana magazine, which will be released on January 21st. Papiol is the institutional relations director of the publication, as well as Radio Estel and Club+Amics.

Catalunya Cristiana is one of the few Catalan weekly publications that has been maintained without interruption since its creation in 1979. An event that the magazine will celebrate with various acts and with the publication of a special 48 pages full colour, with extensive reports and the collaboration of important figures of the Church and Catalan civil society. The usual circulation of the magazine is 6,000 copies (4,500 in Catalan and 1,500 in Spanish), but for this special edition it will publish 40,000 copies of the Catalan edition and 2,000 of the Spanish edition. In addition to the subscribers, the magazine can be obtained free of charge at the usual points of diffusion, such as churches, monasteries, entities and institutions of various kinds.

Catalunya Cristiana was born with the purpose of becoming an informative tool of the activity of the Catalan Catholic Church, as well as being an agile and complete agenda of the most outstanding religious, cultural and social events around the world. A mission that the publication has fully assumed to this day and that its promoters hope to continue making many more years. Hence, now request the collaboration of regular and occasional readers to get this special number to the largest number of interested parties.