Carlos Aparicio Magallón, doctor of Medicine and Surgery and pioneer of new techniques in dental implantology, attributed to new technology the development implants in just a decade.


“New technologies have been a great accelerator that has made the implants are developed in a spectacular way. Years ago we had only an x-ray. The surgeons had to go looking the x-rays and making a three-dimensional image in our head, but was pure imagination. Today, we have powerful scanners, much smaller, much less radiation, able to be installed in a dental clinic and have programs that allow us to virtually plan the implementation”, he said during his admission as academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), held on 27 October.


The new academician read the inaugural speech “El implante dental y la osteointegración” (The dental implant and the osseointegration). On behalf of the RAED replied the full academican Pedro Clarós.