Numerary Member and Member of the Admittance Comission

Health Sciences: Dr. in Psychology

Date of admittance: 23/11/1999

Medal: No. 89

Admission Speech: Hacia una evaluación de la actividad cotidiana y su contexto: Presente o futuro para la metodología?

Speech in reply: Dr. Josep Antoni Plana Castellví

Dr. Teresa Anguera Argilaga

Teresa Anguera Argilaga was born in Darmós (Tarragona, Spain) and teaches in the Department of Methodology of the Behavioural Sciences (Faculty of Psychology) at the University of Barcelona. She holds degrees in Psychology (1972), for which she also received an Extraordinary Award, and Law (1997), both from the University of Barcelona, and she attained her doctorate in psychology (1976) at the same university. Between 1972 and 1985 she held a series of successive full-time posts at the University of Barcelona, starting as an assistant lecturer and moving on to become course leader, senior lecturer and, finally, professor.

She has taught at all levels and on a wide variety of methodological subjects, and currently teaches the courses on Observational Methodology and Observation in Schools. At postgraduate level she has been co-coordinator and/or co-tutor of doctoral programmes since 1987, and she is presently co-tutor on the programme Research Methods in Psychology. She has also taught on the doctoral programmes offered by numerous Spanish universities: the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the University of the Balearic Islands, the University of the Basque Country, the Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona), and the universities of Almería, Barcelona, Jaén, La Coruña, La Laguna, La Rioja, Las Palmas, Lleida, Oviedo, Salamanca, Seville, Valladolid and Zaragoza. She has also taught Master’s degree classes at various universities in Spain and Portugal, and has been a visiting researcher in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Portugal.

Her research activity has always focused on two lines of work: observational methodology and programme evaluation designs. She has taken part in 28 government-funded research projects (funding from Spain’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, as well as from the Catalan government, the Generalitat de Catalunya) or those commissioned by various official institutions, and has been the principal investigator on the majority of these. In 1994 she became the first coordinator of the newly-formed research group Observational Designs, a group she continues to coordinate and which was immediately recognized as a Quality Research Group by both the Catalan government’s Commissioner for Universities and the University of Barcelona; in 1997 the group was awarded Consolidated Research Group status by the University of Barcelona for the period 1997-2000. She currently coordinates the consolidated research group known as the Research and Innovation Group on Designs (GRID): Technology and Multimedia/Digital Applications for Observational Designs. At both national and international level she has sat on research evaluation committees and scientific and conference steering committees, as well as on editorial boards of journals, and she is a member of various scientific societies, in which she has also participated at board level.

She has published numerous works in both Spain and internationally. In addition to her work of more minor importance she has authored or co-authored 24 books, 89 book chapters and 172 articles. She has also participated in numerous congresses, both in Spain and internationally, and this has led her to be invited to give 54 papers and make 301 communications.

To date she has supervised or co-supervised 50 completed doctoral theses and a further 13 are currently underway.

In 1999 she became a full academic member of the Royal Academy of Doctors. Since November 2006 she has been President of the Professional Ethics Committee of the Catalan Psychological Society, from February 2007 until July 2011 she was President of the Spanish Association of Methodology in the Behavioural Sciences (AEMCCO), and since July 2008 until July 2012 she has been Vice-Secretary of the European Association of Methodology (EAM).

As regards her management activities she has, within the University of Barcelona, been Secretary of the Faculty of Psychology (1982-1985), Head of Studies for Psychology (1986-1988), Head of the Department of Methodology of the Behavioural Sciences (1993-1997), Head of the Research Division in the Institute of Educational Sciences (1998-2002), Vice-Rector for Science Policy (November 2008 to January 2010), and Vice-Rector for Teaching and Science Policy at the same university (January 2010 to December 2012). She has been member of Steering Committee of the Council for Doctoral Education at the European University Association (EUA-CDE) (November 2011 to October 2014). Now is Acting Chair for the University of Barcelona for the First Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education (AECHE) (from January 2013).

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