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Experimental Sciences: Dr. in Geology

Date of admittance: 26/03/2015

Admission Speech: Geologia i clima: una aproximació a la reconstrucció dels climes antics des del registre geològic

Reply: Dr. Enrique Tierno Pérez-Relaño


Dr. Ramon Salas Roig

(Tarragona 1945). Agricultural Technical Engineer (1969), Degree in Geological Sciences (1977), Professor
Aggregate of Baccalaureate in Natural Sciences (1980), PhD in Geological Sciences (1987), University Professor (1988). Ramon Bataller Prize for the best PhD thesis in Geology written in Catalan, Institute of Catalan Studies (1988).

Secretary (1989-1991) and President (1991-1993) of the Spanish Group of Study of the Mesozoic of the Geological Society of Spain. Member of the Spanish Committee of the International Geological Correlation Program, UNESCO (1994-1998). Researcher
Principal of eight R + D + i research projects of the National Plan (1990-2012), to study the NE of Iberia on issues of basin analysis [interaction between tectonics, changes in sea level, climate and sedimentation] and structure of the earth’s crust. During this stage he led a working group of thirty researchers from the universities of Zaragoza, Complutense and Barcelona. Coordinator of the Consolidated Research Group on Sedimentary Geology [SGR 1451] (2009-2013). Leader of the Iberia Working Group and the Western Mediterranean of the international project: IGCP 369 on Comparative
Evolution of Perithetyan Rift Basins (1994-1998). He has participated in more than thirty national and international research projects and in collaboration with hydrocarbon companies on topics of his specialty (1980-2015).

He has published one hundred and forty articles and book chapters, most of it in international scientific journals (SCIs). Editor of several monographic numbers of international scientific journals. Member of the Scientific Committee of several international congresses and meetings: American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2003, 2015), The International Association of Sedimentologists (2010, 2011).