Corresponding academician

Health Sciences: Dr. in Farmacy

Date of admittance: 18/06/1993

Admission Speech: “Contribución al estudio de las Bacteriemias”.

Reply: Excmo. Sr. Dr. D. Manuel Subirana Cantarell


Miguel Marí Tur, was born in Eivissa on February 10, 1944, is a Doctor in Farmàcia, with the qualification of “Cum Laude”, and Specialist in Clinical Analysis by the University of Barcelona. He have the grade in Optics and Optometry by the European University of Madrid, plus Master of Science in Optometry and Bachelor of Science in Optometry, from Pennsylvania College of Optometry of Pennsylvania. (USA).

He has exercised as the head service of Laboratori d’Anàlisis Clíniques del Ambulatori de la Seguretat Social d’Eivissa and as an Associate of the Secció d’Anàlisis Clíniques de l’Hospital Can Misses d’Eivissa, besides Pharmacèutic Eivissa. He is an academic member of the Royal Academy of Doctors and awards for the Royal Academy of Farm of Barcelona at the concurrence of the premise of 1973.

He is the author of divers publicacions like:

  •  Bases for the rational treatment of anèmies. Magazine of the Royal Academy of Farmàcia de Barcelona. 2nd time, No. 11. March 1973cs.
  • Transmission of Sensibilitzation in birds with limfocitary extracts. Preliminary results VI Congrés Nacional d’Immunologia, Seville, Desembre 1980.
  • Contributed to the study of Bacterièmies. Reial Acadèmia de Doctors Magazine. 1993
  • Influence of the specific Anticossos in the recovery of the causal agent of the Bacterièmies produïdes per Staphylococcus aureus. LAB 2000 Juny 1993 (45). 23-26.
  • Ultrastructural Alterations in Chlamydia trachomatis-infected cells. abstracts of the XII International Congrés de Cytologia (May 22-25 / 1995) Madrid-Spain. Vol 39., Number 2 Pag. 327 (No. 264).

He has participated in more than 50 congresses and national and international courses, in some as Ponent or professor, respectively. He belongs to 15 Associations or Society scientific nationals and internationals.

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