Dra. María Luisa del Pozo Lite

Numerary Member

Human Sciences: Dr. in Information Sciences

Date of admittance: 7 March 2022

Admission Speech: La Nueva Era de la Comunicación Empresarial: Creativa, Innovadora, Digital y Global 

Reply: Dr. Pedro Nueno Iniesta

Dra. María Luisa del Pozo Lite, Doctorate in Information Sciences (1995) from the Complutense University of Madrid.

University professor (2019). Knowledge Area: Institutional Communication.

She began her teaching and research activity in 1992 at the UCM and in the field of Communication in Organizations. She assumed the development of this teaching and research line since its inception and continues to do so at the present time.

She obtained several scholarships and postdoctoral research contracts, mainly in two academic institutions: The London School of Economics and Political Science (England) and Harvard University (USA). The possibility of working under the direction of academics of recognized prestige in these institutions allowed him to publish articles in national and international scientific journals. She has directed research projects, doctoral theses and has been part of Scientific Committees in National and International Congresses in the area of ​​Institutional Communication.

She has been part of the Advisory Council of Educational Institutions such as CEIBS (China Europe International Business School). One of the objectives and challenges that she has always set herself as a teacher and researcher has been to contribute to the opening of a new line of research in which the academic world and the business world, the speculative and theoretical world, can be intertwined with the practical and professional.

This concern has also borne fruit with the launch of the annual Business Training Program that takes place at Harvard University and has the support and sponsorship of different Public and Private Institutions. For 20 years, she has directed the “RCC at Harvard Executive Program”. It is a personal initiative that is still going on at the present time. Throughout its various editions, this program has become a privileged forum for businessmen and academics to define global communication strategies and analyze the current context from an academic and business perspective.