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Date of admittance: 22/10/2015

Admission Speech: Las políticas monetarias no convencionales: El Quantitative Easing

Reply: Dr. José Luis Salido Banús


I started my teaching career at the same time as I took the PhD program in Research in Economic Theory at the University of Barcelona. In the course 1995 I started teaching at ESADE Business and Law school, in the degree in Business Administration and Management as a professor of analysis of the economic environment: European and Spanish economy. I combined this activity with teaching in the Master in Finance, part-time MBA and in Executive Education programs, mainly in the area of ​​Economic Surge.

In 2011 I became a professor responsible for Economics by the Faculty of Law, with whom I have been working intensively since then. In addition I have taught classes in the Bachelor in Business Administration, including classes of economy for the International section. The 2014/2015 course as well as a lecturer in Economics I and Economics II for the Bachelor in Business Administration, I have been the coordinator of both subjects.

I have taught economics and financial economics in other institutions such as the University of Barcelona, ​​the EUNCET Business School School of Terrassa (MBA program) at Caixa Catalunya and the Chambers of Commerce of Barcelona. Alicante and Sabadell.

In the field of research my work has focused on two areas. The first is the analysis of the economic impact of tourism, particularly in the hotel sector. In 2014 I read at the University of Málaga my doctoral thesis, which is an analysis of the differences in the beach hotel sector for three of the most important areas of the Iberian Peninsula, Costa Brava, Costa Daurada and Costa del Sol. This thesis was awarded in 2015 by the ACCID (Catalan Association of Accounting and Business Management). This investigation has continued in a work of quantitative analysis applying the factorial analysis and structural equations that analyzes the relationship between financial profitability and valuation of hotels in the main websites (TRIPADIVSOR). This is a research article developed by researchers from the Barcelona School of Management (Pompeu Fabra University). This work is pending review for publication in Intangible Capital Magazine. Currently, and in this field of research, I participate in a project with the Sant Ignasi Tourism School of Barcelona for the World Tourism Organization on the effects of the new alternatives for accommodation in Western Europe.

The second line of investigation, which is at this time my main line of work, falls within the scope of my belonging to the Conflict Manangement research group. It is a multidisciplinary group with researchers from the Business School and the Faculty of Law. Currently, in the advanced phase, we are conducting a quantitative study, taking as a reference different autonomous communities, the effects of secondary school mediation in terms of improvement of efficiency. The research group is currently dumped in this project to investigate the analysis of conflict management in Spanish companies, to determine which models are more efficient and propose relevant organizational systems.



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Conferences in congresses

11th Annual International Conference on Tourism, 08-11 June 2015. Presentation of the paper

“Hotels and financial performance in Spanish Beach Tourist Destinations”. Authors: Aznar, Pedro and Sayeras, Josep Maria (next publication in Athens Journal of Tourism).

Sixth Catalan Congress on Accounting and Management, May 28 and 29, 2015. Presentation of the paper “Impact of service quality on competitiveness and profitability: The hotel sector on the Catalan coast”. Authors: Bagur, Lloren ‘, Aznar, Pedro and Rocafort, Alba (presented for publication in the Intangible Capital Magazine)


Award for the best doctoral thesis “The creation of value in the holiday hotel industry. A comparative analysis of three reference models: Costa Brava, Costa Daurada and Costa del Sol “. At the 12th edition of the ACCID awards. (May 28, 2015)

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Magazine of the magazine Total Quality Management & Business Excellence.

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Academic member elect of the Royal Academy of Doctors since August 2014