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Health Sciences: Dr. in Medicine and Surgery

Date of admittance: 13/09/2018

Admission Speech: Perspectiva humanística de la bioética en estomatología y odontología

Reply: Dr. Ferran Guedea Edo

JOSEP MARIA USTRELL I TORRENT. Doctor in Medicine and Surgery (1985), specialist in Stomatology (1982) and Orthodontics (2011). Professor Titular de Universitat (1992), Dean of Dentistry of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (2017). Faculty Director (2014-2017) and Head of the Orthodontics Service (2014) (HOUB). Director of the Master’s in Orthodontics (2017) and Co-Director of the Master in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Malformations (2017) (HSJD), University of Barcelona. Director of the “Specialization Course in Clinical Orthodontics”, University of Porto.

Director (1984) of the Odontological Museum of Catalonia. President (1991) of the Santa Apol·lònia Brotherhood of Barcelona. President (1997-2004) of the Committee on Oral Health (Generalitat de Catalunya). Member (1998) of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia. Treasurer (1999) of the Groupement International for the Scientific Research in Stomatology and Odontology. Founder and vice president (2000) of the Spanish Society of Integrated Children’s Dentistry. Vocal (2002-2010) of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Diploma member (2008) of the Ibero-American Orthodontist Association. Member (2009) of the Portuguese Society of Hospital Dentary Medicine. Member (2010) of the International College of Dentists. Member (2011) of the Brazilian Academy of Dentistry. Founder and vocal (2012) of the Spanish Academy of Historic Studies in Stomatology and Dentistry. Member (2013) of the Academie National de Chirurgie Dentaire. President (2016) of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, Spanish section. President of the Stomatology Section of the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona (2018).

He has published 13 books, 6 booklets, 66 book chapters and 209 articles. Director of more than 30 doctoral theses. Research: Oral Health Group and IDIBELL Masticatory System.

VIII Uriach Prize for the History of Medicine (1977). Lauréat du Prix (1995) and Mention Special (1997) GIRSO. Second prize Mª Luisa Gozalvo (1995) SEOP. Prof. Prize Lluís Sayé (1999) RAMC. Castilian Jewelers Award (2002) XIII Internship Contest. Medical Film, Health and Telemedicine. Award for better communication (2013) SELO. Prof. Prize José Campos Neves (2013) best scientific presentation VII Congress of Orthodontics of the FMUP.

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