Supernumerary Member

Human Sciences: Doctor in Phylosophy and Literature

Date of admittance: 12/02/2008

Admission Speech: Guillem de Guimerà, frare de l’hospital, President de la Generalitat i gran prior de Catalunya

Reply: Dr. José E. Ruiz Domènec

Director of the National Arxiu de Catalunya and full member of the Royal Academy of Bones Lletres of Barcelona and of the Reial Acadèmia de Doctors de Catalunya. Member of the editorial board and editing committees of different scientific and editorial magazines, as well as being part of the board of several Catalan foundations.

Trained at the Universities of Barcelona and Bologna, he has been a professor at the Universities of Barcelona and the International University of Catalonia. He has been technical director of the Arxiu Històric de Protocols de Barcelona and within the Catalan autonomous administration, responsible for the Archives Service and General Director of Cultural Heritage.

He has directed the edition of Dietaris of the Generalitat de Catalunya (10 vols., 1994-2007).

He has collaborated in the organization of several congresses on the Cortes de Catalunya, the Catalan Notaries and the military orders.

Author of different books related to the history of the Generalitat

(Dietari o llibre de Jornades by Jaume Safont (1411-1484) 1992),

To the repopulation of the Catalunya Nova (Col·lecció diplomàtica de la Casa del Temple de Barberà (945-121), 1997),

(The colonization of the Conca de Barberà after the feudal conquest, Vimbodí cas 1149? / 1151-1200, 2002),

To the military orders (Els templers catalans, from the rose to the creu, 1996; The setge of the castell de Miravet: 1 of desembre of 1307 – 12 december of 1308: a dramatic episode of the procés dels templers catalans, 1998; dels templers catalans: cartes de fra Ramon de Saguàrdia during the Setvet de Miravet, 2002; La fi dels templers catalans, 2008)

To the monastic history Història del Tallat, 1986; Vallbona. Historical-artistic guide, 1998, in collaboration with G. Gonzalbo; Precedents and origins of the Monestir de Santa Maria de Vallbona (1154-1185) 2002;

The Monestir of Santa Maria de Vallbona. Història, Monaquisme i Art, 2010; The Monument of the Plaça de la Creu, 2012).