Corresponding Member

Social Sciences: Dr. in Business and Economics

Date of admittance: 21/05/2019

Admission Speech: Marketing Cuántico, un nuevo paradigma de Marketing para dar un salto en la gestión de los clientes

Reply: Dr. Pedro Clarós

Dr. Josep Alet Vilaginés studied Economics and Business Sciences at the University of Barcelona and a doctorate in Economic Sciences by the same university. Graduated in the MBA of IESE.

Precursor of relational marketing in Spain, He has held positions of high managerial responsibility in the Damart and Lorente Group and founded the marketing services consulting agency Marketingcom that has presided over more than
twenty years.

In the teaching field he was co-founder and professor of the Institute of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing with ESIC. Currently it is assistant professor at EADA and collaborates with other business schools and universities. Has been
Member of the Steering Committee of FECEMD and president of the Association of Agencies of Direct and Interactive Marketing.

Author of six books on marketing issues focused on customers and the effective strategy in the new digital media. His latest book “Vision Client. Grow and earn more WITH clients ” In 2015, it develops an integrating model and more outstanding experiences in its field.

Lecturer in national and international forums. Adviser to leading Spanish and multinational companies in strategies with Vision Customer®.