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Social Sciences: Dr. in Economics and Business Sciences

Date of admittance: 08/11/2016

Admission Speech: Incertidumbre y neurociencias: pilares en la adopción de decisiones

Reply: Dr. Jaime Gil Aluja



Surname and name: Bachs Ferrer, Jorge

Birth: 29.XI.1961     Location: Barcelona

Current category as a teacher:

Holder of a part-time University of Financial Economics and Accounting.

Owner’s number: 43393229 57 A0504

Department or current teaching unit:

Dept. of Economics and Business Organization.

Current School or School:

Faculty of Economics and Business of the Central University of Barcelona.


  • Bachelor of Economics and Business Sciences: Actuarial specialty and financial company

Ministry of Education and Science of Spain.

University of Barcelona. Issued on October 27, 1986.

  • Title of Insurance Actuary

Ministry of Education and Science of Spain. University of Barcelona.

Issued on October 27, 1986.

  • Doctor in Economic and Business Sciences.

Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Barcelona.

Title of the Thesis: “Commercial Management: Decision-making in an environment of uncertainty”.

Court: Ilmos. Mr. University professors: Dr. D. Fernando Casado Juan; Dr. Enrique Martín Armario; Dr. D. Camilo Prado Freire; Dr. D. Didac Ramírez Sarrión; Dr. Emilio Soldevilla García.

Qualification obtained:

Suitable “CUM LAUDE” unanimously. Barcelona, ​​May 25, 1993.

  • Post- Graduate in Financial and Stock Market Management.

Institute of Public Economics and Cooperatives – Faculty of Law of Barcelona. Barcelona, ​​January 30, 1988

  • Superior technician in occupational risk prevention. Ergonomics specialty

Gaudí Institute of Construction. Barcelona, ​​June 2000

  • Master in Town Planning and Real Estate

Autonomous University of Barcelona. Bellaterra, June 2001

  • Senior Management Program in Healthcare Institutions

University of Navarra – IESE May 2009



Subjects Taught:

  • Mathematics for economists
  • Business economics: The company
  • Operational Research and Systems Analysis
  • Business economics: The company
  • Management of the financial company
  • Operational Management Techniques
  • Investment projects analysis.

Currently, mainly:

  • Information Systems for Management
  • Business Management Techniques and
  • Professor of the Master in Applied Business Management and Knowledge Transfer in Biomedicine and Health Biotechnology


  1. BOOKS
  • Book: Management and Finance of developer companies – builders

Co-author with Montserrat Casanovas Ramón Editorial Deusto. 1998 (3rd edition 2001)

  • Book: Internet, e-commerce and business plan.

Co-author with Pilar López-Jurado and Mariano Yañez Editorial Deusto 2001

  • Book – Notes: Management of the Financial Company.

D.L. B-10.294-97

Editorial Center of Reprography. Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Central University of Barcelona 1997

  • Book: Finance: Basic Concepts.

D.L. B-10.433-02

Editorial Center of Reprography. Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Central University of Barcelona 2002

  • Book: Elements for a theory of decision in uncertainty.

Coauthor of the translation into Spanish Editorial Kluwer Academic Publishers 1999

  • Teaching text: Practical Guide of Operative Techniques of Management (Theory and practice)

Coordinator and co-author

ISBN 978 84 475 3353 4         Legal Deposit B 14196 2009-11


  • June 1986 – January 1990

Actuary in the Zurich Insurance Group; performing the functions of Product Manager of diverse branches, Director of products and Marketing of the Zurich Group (Zurich, Vita, Hispania, Caudal and Uniber).

  • January 1990 – March 1992

Head of the General Services Department of the Barcelona Trade Fair; performing the executive function of the operative areas of the organization (accounting, finance, works, studies, IT and purchasing). Director of the Caravaning and Nautical salons in the edition of 1.991. Member of the Management Committee of the FAIR

  • January 1992 – March 1995

Responsible for the Commercial Management and Deputy to the General Management of the insurance company Deutsche Bank Vida and the brokerage of various insurance branches. Insurance implantation of the company in the Spanish territory, creation of distribution channels and special products for large companies and groups.

During the celebration of the Olympic Games in Barcelona: Deputy Director of the Castelldefels Olympic Canal

  • March 1995 -October 2007

Manager of the Association of Building Builders Promoters of Barcelona and Catalunya. Entity that groups more than 800 real estate groups. Developing the lobbying tasks of an association and services to its associates: Studies, labor, fiscal, urban, etc. insurance brokerage specific construction.

Member of the Governing Board of the National Association of Promoters-Builders. Member of the negotiation committee of the Collective Agreement of the Construction.

  • October 2007 – May 2008

Professor of financial economics and accounting.

Visiting professor at the University of San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima (PERU). Visiting Professor at the University of Navarra

Business consultant May 2008 – present

Managing Director of the Private Foundation of the Hospital of San Pablo in Barcelona.

Areas of action: Health Management and Research, Social Action Programs, Real Estate Promotion, Hospital Building and Research Institute, Patrimonial Management, Biomedical Research, Historical Heritage Recovery and Large-scale Cultural Management.

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