Francisco Marco Fernández

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Social Sciences: Dr. of law

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Francisco Marco Fernández (Barcelona 1972) has a Doctorate in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2002) with the qualification of Outstanding “Cum Laude” for the doctoral thesis “Private investigation and the right to privacy”.

Forerunner of works on the problems on the Internet and the right to «privacy», already in 1998 he carried out a doctrinal work on the subject (“The protection of automated personal data in global information networks”) and was awarded the Third National Doctrine Award in 2000 for the doctrinal work: “The monitoring of email in the company.”

Graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona (1995), he also obtained a private investigation degree from the University of Barcelona (1994) and a master’s degree in company law from the Barcelona Bar Association (1996). He has authored numerous doctrinal writings on the right to privacy and on data intelligence and the private investigation profession.

Since the age of 25 he has led one of the largest Spanish business intelligence groups and is the world representative for Spain of the World Association of Detectives and was one of the introducers of the Council of International Investigations. Promoter of the inclusion of the figure of the investigator in the Law of Civil Procedure, he is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Francisco Marco Fernández, in addition, has written twelve popular books, three of which have been number one sales in our country.

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