Supernumerary Member

Social Sciences: Doctor in Laws

Date of admittance: 14/12/2004

Medal: No. 34

Admission Speech: Evolución histórica del trabajo de la mujer hasta nuestros días

Speech in reply: Dr. Rafel Orozco Delclòs

Graduate in Law by the University of Barcelona (1970). Doctorate in Law in 1982 in the same University.

Lawyer in exercise, member of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados of Barcelona (BAR) since 1970, headline of professional dispatch from 1975 and  partner founder and director of Alemany Zaragoza y Asociados, S.L., specialized in the labour juridical advice and of Social Security.

He is specialised in Employment Law and  Social Security matters, with wide experience in employment law advice, collective negotiation, collective redundancy procedures, dismissals, top management relationships, employment contracts, etc.

Has compatibilized the activity of Lawyer with the teaching. In 1973 it was professor commissioned of course in the Chair of Mercantile Law at UAB. In 1975, to instance of the Dr. Vicente Baldó , Professor of Mercantile Law, initiated the teaching Labour Law in the Departmen of Mercantile Law of the University School of Business Management in Barcelona, for shortly after give it as independent subject. In 1981 it was appointed Professor Interim and in 1986 obtained the first place of Chair of University School of the discipline of Employment Law and Social Security, that was created in Spain, what supposed that in successive years was member of the Tribunal’s for the selection board in the Spanish University.

Equally, it has managed several Masters and Postgraduate Studies, linked with his speciality.

In 1992, coinciding with his creation, was appointed member of the Body of Referees of the Labour Court of Catalonia.

Numerary Academic since 2004  in the Royal European Academy of Doctors.

It is author of diverse skilled publications, monographs, articles of magazine and usual collaborator of media written.

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