Cecilia Kindelán Amorrich acto ingreso

Corresponding Member

Human Sciences: PhD in Communication

Date of admittance: 22 February 2021

Admission speech: “Networking, el arte de generar relaciones profesionales”

Response speech: M. Àngels Calvo Torras

Dr. Cecilia Kindelán is a university professor. She is a firm promoter of the power of human connections, a professional activity to which she has dedicated a good part of her research in recent years.

She has a PhD in Communication and a degree in Journalism and Law. She worked at IESE Business School as associate director of the MBA program and as director of its international exchange program. She previously she was deputy director of the Spanish Association of Directors. After working 10 years at Universia, an initiative of Banco Santander for higher education, in 2014 she moved to Canada where she worked for the Saint-Paul University and later to Ecuador as a professor and director of postgraduate courses at the SEK International University.

She has a Master’s Degree in Communication and Art, and a Master’s Degree in Communication Management from the Complutense University of Madrid. Graduated from Harvard University Global System in Advanced Negotiation and Leadership, she has been a member of the research group on social responsibility at the Elcano Institute, a Fellow of the Rafael del Pino Foundation, an ANECA evaluator and a member of the international jury of the Educational excellence contest of the FIDAL Foundation.

Her most recent book, co-edited with Dr. José Ramón Calvo, and Dr. Maria Angels Calvo is “La Gran Pausa. Grammar of a Pandemic ”. She is currently a professor at the University of Barcelona, ​​where she teaches strategic communication classes and also teaches at Ubbiquo Global Business School, an international Business School based in the United States, dedicated to executive training. She has also been a visiting professor at other business schools and universities.

She was secretary general of the Excelentia Foundation, an organization made up of 24 Nobel laureates and former heads of government. She is a founding member of the Rosalía Arteaga Women Foundation where she is involved in education projects aimed at women and has participated in numerous national and international forums, mainly highlighting her activity with the international organization Horasis. She has recognized experience as an organizer of academic events and has been requested on numerous occasions as a speaker in debates with personalities from science, economics and politics, both inside and outside of Spain.


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