Supernumerary Academician

Health Sciences: Dr. in Medicine

Date of admittance: 14/09/2017

Medal: No.

Admission speech: La Conquista Del Fondo Del Ojo

Reply: Dr. Pedro Clarós Blanch

BORJA CORCÓSTEGUI, San Sebastián Oct.1950.

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zaragoza (1974). Ophthalmologist by the UAB (1978). Doctorate from the University of Zaragoza (1986). Associate physician, Section Chief and Head of Service at the University Hospital of the Vall d’Hebron (1991-1997). In 1985, he founded the Center for Retina and Vitreous and in 1993, IMO (Institute of Ocular Microsurgery), of which he is medical director.

Associate Professor (UAB, 1988-1992), Titular (UAB 1992-2002). Holder of the IMO Chair of the UAB (2002-2011). Professor of ESASO, European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (Lugano, Switzerland), of which he was director of program development (2009-2015) and of which he is currently President, since 2015.

He has been President of the Spanish Society of Retina and Vitreous (1996-2004), member of the Board of Directors of EURETINA (President 2004-2005), member of the Board of the American Society of Retina Specialists (1998-2000) and the Jules Club Gonin (2010-2015).

Chief Editor of the Ophthalmic Research magazine (Basel, Switzerland) from 2012 to 2015. Co-author of the publication more
cited in Ophtalmologica (Karger, 2016). Author or co-author of 74 articles peer review, 16 chapters and editor of four books. Speaker of presentations in more than 600 medical meetings. He has received 26 awards and honors, such as the Achievement Award American Academy of Ophthalmology and Honor Award American Academy of Ophthalmology; Member of Honor of the EURETINA Society, Honoraire Medal of the Société Française d’Ophthalmologie and Honor Guest of the Retina Society (San Francisco, 2007); British and Eire Association of Vitreoretinal Surgeons lecture and prize (Manchester, 2007); Pohl Lecture (Frankfurt, 2005); Juan Verdaguer reading; Chilean Society of Ophthalmology; EURETINA lecture (London, 2011); Richardson Cross lecture British Ophthalmological Society (Bristol 2008); Stanley Chang Award and Lecture (Columbia University, New York 2012); and Gisbert Richard Lecture in Euretina Meeting (Barcelona 2017), among others.

He is an honorary member of the Societies Catalana, Aragonesa, Valenciana, Oftalmológica del Norte and Gallega de Oftalmología; Cooperation Award of Official Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona (2009); Member of the Reial Acadèmia de Medicina de Catalunya (2017); member of the Board of Trustees of Ulls del món (Vice President since 2000) and board member of the IMO Foundation (basic and clinical research).

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