Emeritus Academician

Human Sciences: Dr. in Philosophy and Literature

Date of admittance:  04/03/1993

Medal: No. 68

Admission Speech: La identidad étnica

Reply: Dr. Josep Ma. Pou d’Avilés

Doctor of Philosophy (1974) and Psychology (2004), has taught at the University of Barcelona (1970-2008), it is currently Professor Emeritus of it.

Visiting Professor at several universities, has directed 8 doctoral thesis.

Its more than 130 publications, including books and scientific articles, papers can be grouped into four bloks;

  1. First, the works related to basic issues of Cultural Anthropology (historical, thematic and introductory) as: Historia de la antropología española (1992), whose La antropología cultural en España (1986); from a thematic point of view, we note the Diccionario Temático de Antropología (1993), whose antecedents, Los 60 conceptos clave de la antropología (1982) and the first edition (1988) Diccionario Temático de Antropología, completed in the 2nd (1993) and 3nd edition (2018). As a methodological contribution, we highlight: Etnología, Metodología cualitativa en la investigación sociocultural (1995) and the recent, Metodología Cualitativa Etnográfica (2015); we note the introductory book: Cultura e identidad cultural (1997).
  2. They followed other works, not least, on culture and cultural identity, such as: La identidad étnica (1993), Estudios de Etnopsicología y Etnopsiquiatría (1994) and La identidad cultural (2000), accompanied by numerous articles on the subject, journals, such as those devoted to the “Psicología cultural” (1995 and 2000) and the “Etnopsicología como identidad de los pueblos” (2015). The cultural identity of Navarra, native of Dr. Á. Aguirre, was studied in works like, La identidad cultural de Navarra (1992, 1997 and 2001).
  3. Third, were the issues relating to the culture of organizations, the most important book, La cultura de las organizaciones (2004), preceded by the book published in Mexico, Cultura organizacional (1999) and other items relating to “La cultura de la empresa” (2002), to “Los rituales en la empresa” (1996 and 2009) or the “Homo faber actual” (2004). Deserves special attention, with the theme of organizational culture, the new methodological study, Metodología cualitativa etnográfica (2015), published in Spanish and Portuguese, and work on “Etnografía de la cultura de una empresa” (2014), all conducive to use ethnography to the study of
  4. Finally, we will refer to issues of psychology and culture fourthly. Such is the case of items like “Antropología de la depresión” (2008. 1989, 1994, 1996 and 1997.); on the Psicología de la adolescencia (1994 and 1997), and the issues already mentioned concerning the Etnopsicología y Etnopsiquiatría (1994), the “Psicología cultural” (1995), the “Demarcación de la psicología cultural” (2000) and “La etnopsicología como identidad de los pueblos” (2015), to which we referred above.

Dr. Angel Aguirre Baztán, a psychologist and anthropologist, researches mainly on issues of ethno-psychology and cultural psychology, culture and cultural identity, rituals and organizational culture.


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