Fifty academicians, members of civil society, companies and institutions constitute the new Pro Royal European Academy of Doctors Foundation

Fifty academicians of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and members of Catalan civil society, as well as various commercial companies and institutions, have set up the new Pro Royal European Academy of Doctors Foundation. The birth of this new institution was formalized this December 19 with the signature of all these founding partners, who responded to the expectations set by the Governing Board of the Royal Academy when it proposed the creation of this new legal figure that will aim reinforce academic activity. They will now be joined by partners and employers from both the RAED and outsiders, companies and institutions that share the same concerns and values.

Born as a non-profit organization, the new foundation has its origin in the initiative of civil society to support the activities and purposes of the RAED and a legal-private nature, as stated in its founding statutes. Its Council will be the main consultative body and will be made up of people of special importance in the academic, professional, business, political, associative, cultural or social world, who for their outstanding knowledge or contributions can help the full development of its founding purposes and the formulation of their strategies and policies. At first this body will be composed of the bulk of the members of the Academy Governing Board, although open to new additions.

The Pro Real European Academy of Doctors Foundation aims to contribute to the universal economic and social progress and the extension of knowledge as a priority of the European Space, in a framework of freedom and promotion of initiatives aimed at the extension of knowledge in its meaning wider; create or promote activities, awards and scholarships that encourage the spirit of research in the university environment and its connection with the business world and in particular the transfer of technology; carry out, promote or support activities of artistic, scientific and cultural patronage, mainly in the field of the purposes of the Royal European Academy of Doctors, and perform, promote or support courses, seminars, conferences, meetings, debates, forums, create chairs and any other activity of dissemination of sciences, arts, techniques, humanities and letters, both nationally and internationally for the benefit of exchange.

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation will be able to acquire a Scientific Council to advise its activity made up of people of the highest relevance in the academic and scientific world, especially researchers awarded the Nobel Prize or Heads of State and Government.