Carlos Aparicio Magallon - Ponencia Implantologia dentalCarlos Aparicio, corresponding academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and pioneer in the new techniques of dental implantology, is committed to the least invasive intervention possible in dental treatments and alerts on the collision between interests and knowledge of the specialist and the patient in a field where there are still large gaps.

“The mouth, its diseases, its prevention, the different types of treatment, the associated complications… are still great unknown to the citizen. Dental prostheses anchored in oral implants are nowadays a reality. Discussing the suitability of treatment in such basic aspects as the previous decision to remove or keep a tooth. The professionals should make the most logical and honest approach: I will require the implant when I am missing the tooth, not before. Because you only have to remove a tooth by fracture, infection or bone loss. If we can choose for a treatment, we better opt for the simplest and most effective way”, he reflects.

Aparicio participated in the Third International Act of the RAED, held between July 15 and 22 in various Baltic cities, with the conference “Implantes dentales, filosofía del tratamiento” (Dental implants, philosophy of treatment).