The academician has revolutionised the speciality with subtle, aesthetic and non-invasive designs that provide great comfort and shorten treatment times by half

Luis Carrière, full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) internationally recognized as a great renovator of orthodontics, has participated in the HSO Symposium, which met between the past 22nd and 24th February in the American city of Scottsdale (Arizona) to the world’s leading orthodontists. Carrière presented his vision of innovation in orthodontics and the advantages of his revolutionary Carriere SLX Bracket System and Carriere Motion 3D system.

These solutions suppose a revolution for being of systems of subtle design, aesthetic and non-invasive that provides great comfort and shortens the treatment of the orthodontics until half of the time. Carrière combines in his treatments the concepts of facial harmony, wellbeing and dental aesthetics, offering scientifically proven cutting-edge solutions that can help orthodontists reach new levels of effectiveness and effectiveness in patient care and in their clinics. In the hands of the academician, Spanish technology plays a decisive role in the implementation of these devices, which are positioned as leaders in the global technological vanguard in a sector that is experiencing exponential continuous growth such as orthodontics.

The Arizona meeting was attended by other internationally recognized experts in the orthodontics sector such as Dave Paquette, John Graham, Lou Chmura, Sean Carlson, Francesco Garino, Anil Indiculla, Christy Fortney, Scott Frey, Jep Paschal and Thomas Shipley.