Enrique Lecumberri believes social networks make that in “two or three generations the right to privacy, protected from the mists of time by the authorities, don’t understand how far and replaced by confidentiality”. Former Spanish Supreme Court and a long career in the judiciary, Lecumberri discussed yesterday in his inaugural address at the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD), “Crimes Against the privacy of individuals”, the evolution of legal concepts as privacy , sexual life, inviolability of the home, right to honor and physical and moral integrity of persons in the light of the Spanish Constitution and the norms of international law and jurisprudence and ancient legal systems.


The new academic highlighted how in few years has developed legal protection of the right to self image as a right that can be injured without them is itself the right to privacy and honor and how the right to privacy, the right to banking secrecy and confidentiality also gain specific weight. Protection, culminating Lecumberri, “can not harm a fundamental right in a democracy such as freedom of press.”