Francisco Javier Garrido, corresponding academician for Chile of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has published the work “Estrategas: reinventando la realidad empresarial del siglo XXI”, (Strategies: reinventing the business reality of the XXI century), where he rediscovers the strategic formation of contemporary managers from different perspectives. The book, edited by Wilson & Cox in five countries, explains how the strategic formation has its origin and necessity in the own evolution of the figure of the businessman and how the development of the convergences in the Eastern and Western strategic disciplines improve the performances of managers in the present century.

“Students of the evolutionary perspective have proven that homo sapiens distinguished themselves from apes several million years ago by a crucial and differentiating ability: it developed and demonstrated the ability to make plans for the future, an essential fact for beginning the thought process in Future time”, explains the author.