15th edition of the World Peace Forum Barcelona

World Peace Forum Barcelona


From November 23 to 25, 2023

With the collaboration of the Royal European Academy of Doctors

Further information: World Peace Forum website

Forum objectives

The World Peace Forum is an internationally renowned conference dedicated to promoting peace and global cooperation. This alliance demonstrates the shared commitment of various institutions in the defense of human rights and academic research.

This year, the World Peace Forum takes on special significance as it commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This historic milestone, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, established the fundamental principles that govern the equality, dignity and inherent rights of all human beings.

In the current context, where global challenges require strong international cooperation, remembering and reaffirming our commitment to human rights is more important than ever.

As part of our collaboration, several distinguished academics from the Royal European Academy of Doctors will actively participate in the World Peace Forum. The RAED organizes two debate tables that will address crucial issues related to peace, human rights and global governance, both on November 24 at Fomento del Trabajo, headquarters of the institution.

These debates will serve as platforms for the exchange of ideas, in which experts, leaders and academics from around the world will discuss strategies and solutions to address the challenges facing our society in the pursuit of peace and justice.

The joining of forces in the World Peace Forum of the organizing and collaborating institutions, among which is the Royal European Academy of Doctors, represents a significant step towards promoting a more peaceful and just world.

Together, we will work tirelessly to inspire, educate and empower present and future generations on the importance of respecting human rights and building a world where peace is a reality within everyone’s reach.

RAED tables and participants

1st Round table: “Building bridges, not walls: A peace approach in diplomacy and the global economy”

Moderator: Dr. Cecilia Kindelán Amorrich, Numerary Member of the RAED


  • Ms. Mireia Belil, Geographer
  • Dr. José Ramón Calvo Fernández, President of the Institute of International Cooperation of the Royal European Academy of Doctor
  • Dr. Carlos Umaña, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2017

2a. Roundtable: “Peace through equity: Addressing social injustice on the world stage and the role of sustainable development in global stability”

Moderator: Dr. Jordi Martí Pidelaserra, Numerary Member and Member of the Governing Board of the RAED


  • Dr. Jaume Armengou Orús, Numerary Member of the RAED
  • Dr. Daniel Berzosa López, Numerary Member and Member of the Governing Board of the RAED
  • Dr. Teresa Freixes Sanjuan, Vice President of the RAED
  • Dr. Ernst Iten, Former Swiss Ambassador
  • Dr. David Jou Mirabent, Numerary Member of the RAED
  • Dr. Francisco López Muñoz, Numerary Member of the RAED


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