Honorary Member

Social Sciences: Dr. in Economics

Date of admittance: 16/09/2014

Admission Speech: Globalización y crisis de valores

Speech in reply: Dra. Ana Maria Gil Lafuente

(Barcelona, ​​1929) PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona and Diploma from IESE (University of Navarra). Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Michoacán (Mexico). Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Lishui (People’s Republic of China).

He is a Full Member of the International Academy of Management, Washington D.C., and of the World Academy of Art and Science. Academic of Honor of the Reial Acadèmia de Doctors de Barcelona. Advisor to the Fondation Jean Monnet pour l’Europe de Lausanne, Switzerland. Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Spain and of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts. Honorary Member of the European Council of Doctors, Honorary Graduate of the Business School of ESERP and member of its Scientific Committee.

He was an honorary member of the International Conference on Economics, Management and Optimization in Sports after the Impact of the Financial Crisis. He has also been a member of the Scientific Committee of the 26th Annual Congress of the European Academy of Management and Business Economics, whose “proceedings” have been published by Springer-Verlag. For eighteen years he has been President of the Spanish Committee of the European Economic Cooperation League and International Vice President. In addition, his positions as member of the Central Council of the LECE, in Brussels, of the Advisory Council of the Patronat Català Pro-Europa and of the Committee of eight independent experts appointed by the EEC Commission in December 1990 for the fiscal homogenization of the companies. Previously, he was Dean of the Illustrious Association of Economists of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, member of the International Council of the US Information Agency, in Washington D.C. (USA), President of the American Chamber of Commerce, in Catalonia, and first Vice President of the National Board for more than twenty years. Vice-president of the Catalan Institute of Ibero-American Cooperation for more than thirty years. He was also, for 14 years, Vice President of the National Work Promotion, Member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the CEOE, and Chairman of the CEOE Committee – European Community, among other positions.

In the professional field, it should be noted that he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of the companies G-Consulting, SL, La Seda de Barcelona, ​​SA, Procolor, SA, ELBASA (Electronic Basic, SA), Pinturas Bruguer, SA, Herpu, SA, AZKO Coatings, SA, Organon Española, SA, Organon Teknika Española, SA, Chefaro Española, SA, Laboratorios Intervet, SA, Microquímica de Navarra, SA, Masdenverge, SA, Iberenka, SA, Serenka, SA, Publicitas, SA, DIPSA, SA; Managing Director of the Commercial Expansion Bank, Tunnels and Highways of Barcelona, ​​S.A., ‘CECSA’ (Company of Electronics and Communications, S.A.) and of the Industrial Expansion Bank and Board Member of Aismalibar, S.A. (Von Roll AG), Fincolor, S.A., Guasch Hermanos, S.A., Cía. General de Comercio, S.A., Epysa, Dogi, S.A., Vives Vidal, S.A. (Warners), and Vice Chairman of COMCO Electronics Corp., Fullerton, Cal. (USA). He has published more than 300 articles on economic issues and, especially, international economic news or related to the presence of Spain in the world at ABC, at La Vanguardia, at El Periódico, at the Herald Tribune, and at the Harvard Business Review , among other means. He has delivered more than 200 conferences in Spain, USA (New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami), United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala, Tunisia, Jordan, Montenegro and Cuba.

Among the most outstanding distinctions received are the Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Civil Merit, the Silver Cross of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard, the Encomienda de Número of the Royal Order of Civil Merit, the Commendation of the Royal Order of Isabel La Católica, Creu de Sant Jordi, of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Francesc Macià Medal for Merit at Work, the Gold Medal of the Fira de Barcelona and the US Peace & C. Award.