Dr. Jaime Casas Pla

Numerary Member

Health Sciences: Dr. in Pharmacy

Date of admittance: 7/04/2022

Admission Speech: XXVII siglos de Historia de La Salud a través de la Numismática: De la moneda lidia a la tarjeta de crédito

Reply: Dr. Joaquín Callabed Carracedo

Dr. Jaime Casas Pla was born in 1945 in Barcelona.

He graduated and doctor in Pharmacy “Cum laude”. He graduated in Ophthalmic Optics and Audiometric Acoustics. Specialist in Galenic and Industrial Pharmacy. Diploma in Production Management.

Professional activity in the pharmaceutical industry and Pharmacy Office. Academic N. of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia, currently being President, Academic C. of the Academy of Pharmacy of the Region of Murcia and Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia. Academic C. Elect of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy. Associate professor, collaborator in the History of Pharmacy Unit. Postgraduate professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UB. Member of the council of and of the board of the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona and of the Internal Trade Commission of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

He has participated in numerous pharmaceutical scientific meetings, being director of INFARMA. Prolific author on health disclosure, history of Pharmacy and numismatics and Health Sciences, laying out his own books. Regular collaborator in various media. He belongs to numerous scientific and cultural institutions. Founder and president of ANFISAN.

Distinctions: Gold medal from the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona. Gold medal from the Barcelona Pharmacy Association. Presidential Medal of the Spanish Numismatic Association.