Francisco González de Posada

Honorary Member

Dr. in Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports, Dr. in Theology, Dr. in Philosophy, Dr. in Sociology, Dr. in Medicine and Dr. in Hispanic Philology

Date of admittance: 15 december 2020

Admission Speech: El aritmómetro electromecánico de Torres Quevedo (1920), primer ordenador. Conmemoración de su centenario (2020) a la luz de la historia de la ciencia del último siglo

Reply: Dr. José Ramón Calvo Fernández

Francisco González de Posada

He was born in Cádiz, on January 5, 1942. Engineer of Roads, Canals and Ports (1966) from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, obtaining a doctorate in 1973. Degree in Philosophy and Letters from the Pontifical University of Salamanca (1968). Degree in Physical Sciences from the UCM (1971).

Professor of Physical Foundations, University of Cantabria (1977-87), of which he was Rector (1984-86). Founder of the Association of Friends of Scientific Culture, of which he has been president since 1983.

Professor of Applied Physics. Polytechnic University of Madrid (1987-2012). Medal of Honor for the Promotion of Invention (1995).

Dr. in Theology (2013). Dr. in Philosophy (2015). Dr. in Sociology (2018). Dr. in Medicine (2019). Dr. in Hispanic Philology (2019).

Full Member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain (1998) and Corresponding Member of the Royal National Academies of Pharmacy (2002) and Fine Arts of San Fernando (2002).

Academic of Honor of the Royal Academies of Medical Sciences of Cantabria (2000), of Medicine of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2009), of Valencian Culture (2014), of Sciences, Fine Arts and Good Letters of Écija (2015), Assemblyman of Honor of the Literary Friendly Assembly (2007) and Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science (2019).

Numerary Academician Promoter of the Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Humanities of Lanzarote (2003).

Biographer of Leonardo Torres Quevedo (Molledo, 1852; Madrid, 1936), he is Molledo’s adoptive son, a condition he shares with Miguel Delibes.