Enrique Morera Guajardo is a Graduate and Doctor of Law, with a thesis on the Regulation of Unorganized Stock Markets. Specific study of the Total Return Swap (TRS), and Master in Economics and Business Management (MBA-IESE), with more than 40 years of experience as a lawyer and more than 30 years as a teacher of programs for executives and for master’s students (IESE).

Serves as an arbitrator at the Barcelona Arbitration Court. He is the founder and currently non-executive President of the renowned firm Balaguer-Morera & Asociados, Advocats (BM&A), specialized in company law, economic and tax criminal, administrative and succession law, both providing advisory services and acting before courts of the ordinary or arbitral jurisdiction. He is also President of the listed company Developments Especials de Sistemes d’Ancoratge, S.A.

His double legal and economic training and his professional experience in companies from various sectors have allowed him, from his triple status of lawyer, entrepreneur and teacher, to undertake and direct important matters in our recent corporate and judicial history. In the corporate sphere, his participation in the start-up of a significant airline, today integrated into a flag airline group, and the purchase and subsequent participation in the stock market listing of a television channel open today are noteworthy integrated into a powerful media group.

In the judicial field, he has achieved important annulments of arbitration awards and acquittals in criminal proceedings, as well as a conviction in the Kingdom of Spain before the ECtHR. He continues to sit on multiple boards of directors and is the author of numerous legal articles and publications. He has been a speaker in sessions relating to regulated markets and specific legal matters.

CV Extensive