Numerary Academician

Social Sciences: Dr. of Economics and Business Sciences

Date of admittance: 20/06/2017

Admission speech: El asesoramiento financiero, la figura del Asesor Financiero y de las E.A.F.I.s

Speech in reply: José María Gay de Liébana

Montserrat Casanovas Ramón holds a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona.
Economist, Financial Analyst, Auditor and European Financial Adviser. She has worked in the world of the company and of the Financial Institutions, being the creator and director of the Masters in Management of Construction and Real Estate Companies,
of the European Financial Adviser and of New Technologies Applied to the Financial Markets.

His teaching and research work has been developed in the most prestigious Spanish Universities: University of Barcelona, ​​Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Autonomous University of Madrid, University of the Basque Country, University
of Seville, University of Murcia, etc, as well as in diverse Schools of Businesses and foreign Universities.

She is currently secretary of the Governing Board of the Association of Economists of Catalonia, president of the Commission of Teaching Economists and Researchers and of the Forum of Economists in Financial Markets, vice-president of the Catalan Association of Accounting and Business Management and the Register of Teaching Economists and Researchers of the CGCEE. Co-president of the Financial Observatory of the CGCEE, adviser of the Registry of Financial Advisory Companies. And member of the Business Valuation Committee of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration.

Author of more than fifty books on Finance, Financial Markets and Business Valuation and more than a hundred articles published in prestigious journals.

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