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The homo robot

Luis Pons Puiggrós, engineer and doctor in Business Administration and Management, warns of the paradigm shift that will create artificial intelligence in the economy and society of the 21 st century in “Lo disruptivo y el futuro: tecnología y sociedad en el siglo XXI” (The disruptive and the future: technology and society in the 21st century), his speech of admission as corresponding academician in the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), pronounced in Barcelona on December 19. Full academician José Ramón Calvo responded on behalf of the RAED. “Technological innovation facilitates the transformation of utopias into realities, examples...

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A free Church in a free world

“Today there are many concrete manifestations that signal the passage from secular pact to secularism” Lluís Martínez Sistach, cardinal archbishop emeritus of Barcelona, ​​entered the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) as an honorary academician during a ceremony held on 12 December. The recipient read his admission speech “Laïcitat i laïcisme en l’occident europeu” (Secular pact and secularism in Western Europe), where he reviews the Church’s current situation in a society where the religious phenomenon is increasingly besieged. The ceremony was attended by, among others, the cardinal archbishop of Barcelona, ​​Juan José Omella; the archbishop of Urgell and...

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Rambla, Eixample, Olympic Villa

“The Rambla emerges as a spontaneous space, sedimented by the time. The Cerdà Plan crystallizes despite the reluctance of a part of the population, and with the Olympic Villa, the infrastructures for the recovery of the coastline are undergone, a historical pending action” Three spaces that define the current Barcelona and whose engagement in the city, beyond its functionality, lies in its perfect response to urban, social, economic, political, cultural and even environmental conditions at the time of its development. The renowned architect Juan Trias de Bes analyzes in his speech as member of the Royal Academy of European...

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The Pax Hispana

“The Roman Law has been the cultural stronghold on which mexicanity rests, although it’s tempered by the customs and the autochthonous law” “It’s difficult to give the perfect justification to the contribution of Spain in our mexicanity from the time of the viceroys to the present, although we must recognize that the system derived from Roman Law has been the cultural bulwark on which mexicanity rests, even though it is tempered by the customs and the autochthonous right”. This is how begins the entry speech as a corresponding academician for Mexico of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914...

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The lawyer Joan Iglesias Capellas enters at the Royal Academy

The lawyer Joan Iglesias Capellas, doctor of Law, will join the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) as a corresponding academician during a ceremony to be held in Barcelona on November 9. The recipient will read the entry speech “Delito fiscal y proceso penal: crónica de un desencuentro” (Fiscal crime and criminal process: chronicle of a disagreement). On behalf of the RAED will answer the full academician Emili Gironella. Licensed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the new academician obtained his doctorate at the same university after completing his studies in the third cycle at the Spanish National University of Distance Education with the thesis “Efectos del proceso penal por delito contra la Hacienda Pública en los procedimientos tributarios” (Effects of criminal proceedings for crimes against the Public Treasury in tax procedures), which deserved a cum laude recognition. Technician of the administration and of the Spanish Treasury, where he worked as an inspector until 2016, he is currently working as a jurist in the office of Crowe Horwarth. He has been an advisor to the president of the Catalan Gouvernment and director of the Program for the Definition of a New Model of Tax Administration of Catalonia. In the field of teaching, he has been an associate professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Barcelona, ​​professor of the Master of Public Management at the ESADE...

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